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Fatha bob
Miley Cyrus - Adore You


It’s funny how someone who was just a stranger last year,
can mean so much to you now. 

It’s terrible that someone who meant so much to you last year,
can be just a stranger now.

It’s amazing what a year can do


" You are enough. You are so enough, it is unbelievable how enough you are. "

- (via oh-my-tveit)

(Source: jazzandelephants)

Minds racing

Just like a light switch you’ve turned me off…. No longer needing my light you’ve decided to flip the switch and walk away. Without even taken a glance back. Yet I’m still here holding on to the love I have for you as if it’ll be the last thing I’ll ever get to touch. Why? So foolish to love someone that has broken my heart into a million pieces….. But I do. I still love you. how could you? Plant your seed and run? Strip me of the dream you sold me because now it was becoming to real. Why would you awaken my once snoozing heart? So confused. So hurt. But yet so understanding to your heart that my heart break just “isn’t that bad”. Where is my prize? What do I get for loving a man that wasn’t officially mine? Stupid of me. But thank you for reminding me. There are still heart breakers and poisoned hearts strolling threw this earth. And they are even more beautiful than the kind hearted hearts.

"The beautiful ones they hurt you every time"




Brown skin ting

I can’t sleep…..

I’ve been trying to sleep through the night but between my now weak bladder because of my unborn child and my unwanted thoughts. I always end up reaching for my phone. And I’m not to sure why. Not to get on any social networks, not to talk to anyone. But maybe self consciously I’m reaching for you. Through all the pain you’re causing me you’re still the one I’m looking for. And why?. It’s so obvious the love you said you had for me was just a dream that you sold me. So unreal. And I would of never known if I wasn’t awaken by your heartless tone, and unforgettable words. The way you go from I hate you to I love you within the matter of seconds my mind can’t seem to catch up ….but my heart is stuck on I love you. Stupid. I loved you for you and your smile, your eyes when you were and weren’t under the influence, your smell that never changed like the oils were stuck in your skin, and your hair that tickled my face while we slept. Illusion is what that all was. Serious illusion. Even just. Or simply I fell in love with the person you were showing me, and now you’re showing me the person you are. And I hate you. For telling me all that you have “You’re amazing Christine”. “I’ll never hurt you Christine”. Paha. Lies fell from your lips like water. I’m so disappointed in you but mostly disappointed in me. I finally gave someone else a chance to love me again, and it was someone that had once hurt me. Oh how I was fooled by the “new you”. But I do want to thank you for the best gift man can ever give. And I will love it with every ounce in my body. For you and for me. Farewell old dream, I am now faced with reality and I’m gonna tackle it because I’m strong enough. Loved enough. Even if it’s not a drip coming from you.

Take care.



you are.

the silhouette shining as the sun rises and peaks through these dark shades.
a veiled enigma, concealing your being from the artificial light of this screen.
the ghost ii’m unable to see often, but always welcome in my haunted sight.
a figure: poised, so motionless and statuesque that ii…

Made my eyes water.